Interview with Frank Smith (Big Black)

What was in, you're head when everybody kept saying D Yard, where did you want to go?


Well, what's happening, you know. I wanted to get out of there, you know. I want to try and figure a way that I can get out of there, you know, whatever is happening, you know. I want to get where I can see myself being safe, you know, that's what was happening with me, but then I wind up in D yard, being nosey and trying to figure out what's going on and be involved or, or, or to look at what's going on, if not involved, you know. Because at that time I wanted to just see what was going on, you know. Not to be involved with what's going on. Because a lot of violence and a lot of things was happening and a lot of gas and then I start seeing polices on the roof with guns, polices in the hallway with guns, and polices getting beat, inmates getting beat, and I wanted to try and get myself in a safe position. That's what I wanted to do, really. But I wind up in the yard. And after I got in the yard, then I see myself a prison in the yard. Because once you got in the yard, you couldn't come out the yard. Because all it start closing up.


Good, cut.