Interview with Frank Smith (Big Black)

Tell me a little bit about what the, what were the guards like? What were the guards? What were they going through? I mean coming in there everyday, with you inmates, the other inmates? How--What was the attitude?


The attitude of the guards, you know, and what they were going through in some, you know, situations, some extent was just as bad as ours. Because they was, you know, in prison themselves, you know, they were being housed, they were being locked up, you know, you take a person that's coming from outside, they might have a little personal problem with his or her or just his, really, because there wasn't no female guards there, and only White, no Blacks, you know, at the time that we were there. They might have their little personal problems. They got to bring it in there and they got to see themselves coming in that door and that key is turning on them and now they got to come in there and they got to mingle with us. And if anything do happen, they can't get out. So they being kept themselves. They being locked up themselves. And they bicker among themselves, too. I know a lot of polices in there had problems with each other. Why you think so many of them got killed? I know for a fact, you know and I can see, you know a police looking down that barrel and pulling that trigger on someone that they really had a problem with or someone that was putting washing powder in their lunch pail or were hiding their lunch pail or was tryin', "Hey, motherfucker, get on up on that chair and stop hanging out down here." You know, the way they talk to each other.