Interview with Frank Smith (Big Black)

What was the attitude, you know they come, bring their problems into, into Attica, What was the attitude toward the inmates? How would they treat you?


They would treat you bad, you know, that's the only way they could ventilate. You know they had to let they frustration out on you. You know, they couldn't take it home. You know, possibility that their wife or their girlfriend or whatever wouldn't put up with it. So the only way they could do it on the third class person, on the inmate, they let it off. But we would let it back off on them. So some kind of way, we both would ventilate. Because you couldn't find too many inmates would put up with the police's hogwash, even though you know, you were open to get beat up and put in segregation or put into the box. That was one of their main way of letting off their frustration is coming in there and dropping the attitude on the inmate.


That's good.