Interview with Frank Smith (Big Black)

Tell me some more about the conditions, the toilet paper, showers.


You get one shower a week. You know a shower, you know, to us in Attica State Prison is a bucket of water, you know, and if you lucky and you get the right person outside of your cell that would bring you a second bucket then you can wash half of your body with one bucket. What we would do is wash the top of our body with one bucket and if we get a second bucket then we will wash the bottom part of our body. And you get one shower a week. You know, and, and, and the books in the library was outdated. They didn't have any kind of positive recreation for us. If there was any recreation, it was minimal. It would only be on the weekends. And Attica is four prisons in one. You got A Yard, B Yard, C Yard, and D Yard and two mess hall, what is that dining rooms. And the only time you would see a person that's in A Block if you in B Block like I was is when you would go to the mess hall and that would sometime, sometime you might run into him. Dehumanizing, the word would be for the conditions in Attica in 1971.


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