Interview with Frank Smith (Big Black)

How did Black consciousness that was happening out on the streets, how did that affect the brothers inside--


Well, we, some, some of us I'd say, you know, always had access to the outside world and was concerned and, and had that link, you know, that chain that reach outside. You know we was watching the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and we was watching Malcolm, you know, in a lot of sense and Amiri Baraka, you know, he was doing a lot of poetry and Eldridge Cleaver, you know, _Soul on Ice_, you know, we had communication around Black history, around Black development, ah, the elevating that Blacks needed and eventually would see. So we had the educational vehicle, you know, we had a lot of literature that we, and a lot of it we had to swag it in order to get it into the facility because the facility wouldn't let it in, you know. So, we had to swag it. I mean we had to have somebody in the package room, you know, to, to let a box come through, even if it was a cop. If we subscribed to get Black literature in through the facility, it would get screened and would get rejected, you know, in a lot of sense. But we had, you know, a vehicle. We did have Black literature and, and, the _Muhammad Speaks_ would get in, the newspaper, we would read that, a lot of us. And we would pass it on. It might be two or three weeks, you know, before you get it, you know what I mean, but we did, you know, come about it. Mm hm.