Interview with Michael Smith

Okay, alright, from the end, why don't you just switch magazines. That's great. What I wanted to do know was move on to your stories about the actual days in the yard during the uprising and we need to change film but I thought I would start by, you know, just having you talk about how order was established. But something you said on the sofa that was really wonderful was how surprised you were at how easily the place fell.


There you are in D Yard. What were your initial feelings about being there and seeing what had happened? What, how did you feel?


Ah, initially there was, there was a lot of chaos in the initial, ah, takeover of the prison. And, ah, I guess I was amazed at how easily this fortress fell. Ah, there was no plan. I had never been instructed in, in, ah, how to handle a riot situation or what to do. And, it was amazing to me that, ah, the institution fell apart as easily as it did.