Interview with Michael Smith

What kinds of things were going on in those first hours that you were collected as th--the hostages were brought into D Yard and the inmates were there? What kinds of things were going on? How did you feel about what you were hearing and seeing?


Ah, I found it all very interesting in the initial stages of the riot that, ah, well, initially there was a lot of violence involved in, in the re-taking. It was a physical re-taking of the prison. And, ah, because it was physical, a lot of people were injured. Not, not, ah, solely officers, correction officers, but also inmates were injured through the chaos. And, ah the destruction, as I was being led from the rear of the prison towards Times Square going through a housing, one of the housing areas, they were throwing things from the tiers. Desks were being overturned. Chairs were being thrown. Papers were being burned. Clothing was being burned. And, ah, it was just a, a real chaotic situation. And, upon my arrival in D Yard, ah, the hostages, where the hostages were being gathered together, it was evident that some of the hostages had been beaten in the retaking process or in the riot process during the riot, ah.