Interview with Michael Smith

Were you blindfolded? How were you treated in the early hours? How did you feel? Were you fearful? Did you feel like your life was in danger? Or once you got to D Yard did you feel okay? How did you react?


My initial reaction was, ah, I wasn't fearful of being injured at that point because we were being protected by the inmates. Ah, the Black Muslim group that was protecting us had, had told us that it would only be a short period, maybe a couple hours and that we would be rescued by, by, ah, people from the outside. Ah, and I personally felt if I made it through the initial takeover of the, ah prison that I was past the physical violence. There were obviously people in, in the inmate population that, ah, that would have liked to inflict some kind of physical abuse on the hostages. However we were being protected by the inmates.