Interview with Michael Smith

Tell me about your conversations with Don Noble and, and how you swapped addresses and promised to get in touch with each other.


Following Sunday evening, Monday morning, a number of the hostages had been taken to an elevated area in the prison called the catwalk, from which they could be observed. And each hostage was assigned a number of ho--uh, inmate executioners. One of my executioners was an inmate who I had known, who was in my company previously, and, ah, who, in fact, had, had, ah, protected me in the metal shop when the ini--when the riot initially started. And, ah, Don, I had three executioners, three inmate executioners and, ah, Don was located directly to my left. He had his right arm over my right shoulder and held, what appeared to be a tar paper knife, and that was held at my throat on the right side of my throat. I had another executioner behind me with a hammer and I had another executioner to the right side of me with a hand fashioned spear made from parts from the metal shop. Ah, while on the catwalk, I had an opportunity to have a serious conversation with Don, friendly conversation. And, Don said that he was sorry that it had, ah, the situation had deteriorated to the point that it had, and he asked me if there were anything that he could do for me. And, ah, I, I guess first I asked Don if I made it through alive, if there were anything that I could do for him. He told me who his family was and where they were located and asked me in the event of his death to get in touch with them which I promised I'd do. Then Don asked if there were anything he could do for me. And, I said, ah, "Yes, that when the time came that I didn't want to suffer." So, he knew what he was doing, just make the cut as clean and neat as possible so that I didn't have to suffer and he promised me that he would. He also promised me that, ah, if he made it through, he'd be in touch with my family.


Okay, I'm going to cut for a second.