Interview with Michael Smith

Now, during the uprising, while you were in the yard, tell me about the importance of Governor Rockefeller's decision not to come to Attica. Just describe the meaning that that had for you and how that changed the mood in the yard. Tell me about how you were hopeful before that.


During the riot I was in, in hopes that Governor Rockefeller would make a personal appearin--appearance and, ah, give his personal input to the situation and at least look into what was going on and at least look at the demands and listen to the people involved, talk with the hostages and talk with the inmates that were involved in the riot. Governor Rockefeller was, was asked repeatedly to give that personal attention and make that personal appearance at Attica and when he refused, ah, it was very disheartening to me. And threw a very negative light on the situation that the hopes could ever, that, the, ah, situation could ever be re--resolved.