Interview with Kathy Stapleton

Um, did that, um, change at all? Did it make things tenser[SIC] or worse or anything in school in terms of interactions?


Well it, geez I, I know it tightened security. It's probably at that point when the security got very, very tight in school. And that's when they wouldn't let so much as, uh, a pointed comb go through, you know, you couldn't, you know, they really went through your things. Your sandwiches. They opened up people's sandwiches at points and looked inside, you know, to make sure you weren't concealing weapons. In art classes there was no scissors. I mean in art class they took away scissors and anything that would be considered a weapon. Ah, as far as the students, I, I, I'm sure things were more tense but it did not seem, nothing changed a whole lot. You know it was just this, it was still the same. Maybe people were a little more angry, or maybe a little more afraid. And I just, ah, you know.


Okay, cut.