Interview with Kathy Stapleton

So, describe for us the typical school day morning: getting from home to homeroom.


Okay. Well, you'd get up, late usually, but you'd get dressed, get all dressed for high school. Of course, your appearance is a very big deal you want to impress everybody. So, you take a lot of time getting dressed. And, I remember going to school, and my high school happened to be across the street, which is about a two minute walk. So, I'd get to the front door and they would hand you, um, at this point we had metal detectors, so what they would do, was hand us a blue plastic bowl and you have to start by you'd take your earrings off, that you just put on, and you'd take your rings off, and your metals and necklace. Shoes, sometimes, depending on what they were about, made of. You had to dump everything, all this clothes that you had just taken all the time to get dressed, and you'd have to get half undressed in the front entrance way of the school and put it in a bowl and then go through a metal detector. And, sometimes on a lot of girls, they would still beep, and, they had a room, at that point where you had to go in and be frisked. And, a lot of time it would be a bra, a metal bra strap, or a buckle on a shoe, or it could be anything, a metal snap on your clothing that would go off; but, you would at that point then be taken aside and frisked by a woman state trooper or a man. And, they would also go through our lunch--they took your lunch bag, your pocketbook, and they would dump your whole bag. So, you had to think twice about what you were going to put in your pocketbook that morning, because everybody was going to see what was in there. So, it was, it was pretty odd, you know, going, It was pretty aggravating actually to go and be put all through this before you even started the day at school. You know, kind of ridiculous for a seventeen year old person to be treated this way.** It was insulting.