Interview with Kathy Stapleton

Okay, so, the Michael Faith episode. You began it before by saying, um, um, "One day a classmate of mine got stabbed," um, so if you could just take us through the whole story as you experienced it.


Okay. Well, one day we were, I was in the, in the corridor coming from one of my classes, with several of my friends, and, um, a commotion broke out, which wasn't, you know, that happened every five or ten minutes in school. But, um, the people, um, we kind of backed off; but, then we started hearing people scream, you know, um, really, really got out of control at that point, you know, a sense of something different happening. And, um, you could hear people, as we got a little closer screaming that, um, he was stabbed. He was stabbed and then, the, uh, s--people were running to, some were running away. Um, oh jeez, we were close enough that we saw there was blood, you know, on the hallway floor.** At that point I left, by myself without my friends, out the side door of the building and was physically sick. You know, I just went home. I lived very close to the school. Out the side, I didn't go out the front. And I just went home and remembered feeling just really sick to my stomach and frightened. That was probably the closest, ah, thing to a violent act I had ever come to in my life. You know, especially I never expected it to come from my high school, ah, in my own neighborhood, close to home. You know I guess you're never ready for anything that violent to happen. And I was afraid and pretty disgusted.