Interview with Marion Stamps

When we were talking earlier, you talked about yourself as a nationalist and you gave me an idea where that's from and what that's about. Talk to me about it, tell me about it.


Well for one thing I, I, I think that I've gone full circle on the electoral process, okay, the electoral politics. And I'm a, I'm a Black nationalist, okay. I, I eat Black, think Black, you know, pray Black and I believe in the right of Black people, okay. But, and because of that belief, I understand now that I have a responsibility to share that and train the next generation. So that, myself along with some other sisters, that's what we're about now. Um, we recognize that the whole Harold Washington, Fred Hampton, Dr. King, those were movements. And those was movements that came out of somebody training somebody to do some things. Now we got to train the next generation so we will have the next movement. We got to make sure that our children understand that it was Harold Washington yesterday, it was Jesse today, it's going to be you tomorrow, and it's going to be the White House the day after that okay. So we're in the process, we, we, we've organized what we call the Queen Nzinga Brigade, because Queen Nzinga was a real queen and, and, and that gives you a framework of reference, you can read about it. And because of the fact that I am so convinced that the Black Panther Party had the correct position and the correct line for our people in America, that is, it's, it's almost, it would be almost unreal for us not to train the next generation in terms of what the Party was about. The only thing that I'm doing different is the fact that I'm training sisters only. And I'm doing that because as a Black woman I know what make us tick, I, I know what it takes for us to survive. I know that because I been a teenager mother, I've lived in public housing, I've been on welfare, but I also have a bachelor's degree, and I've been running the institution for 17 years, so I know that. And I know what it is that we need in order to guarantee that the next generation will understand that you got to dare to struggle, dare to win. If you don't dare to struggle, you don't deserve to win, real simple.