Interview with Marion Stamps

Okay, now tell me about this dude Swibel and why it was important to get rid of his ass?


Because Swibel ran CHA like it was his own private personal plantation, real simple. Ah, Swibel was stealing money, Swibel was not providing any services in public housing, and he very seldom talked to any of the residents. The only time you really were able to see Swibel is when you went to a commissioner meeting. And if you, if you were raising something that he didn't want to hear, then he immediately adjoinedadjourned the commission meetings. Therefore the people had no opportunity or no recourse in terms of how they addressed their concerns in public housing** Ah, we knew that Swibel had to go. In fact, one of Jane Byrne campaign promises was that he was going, but once she got elected then Swibel became one of her best friends. We waged a serious, aggressive campaign to get rid of Charles Swibel and we did. In fact, we, you hear very little of Swibel since uh, he left CHA. I'm sure he's somewhere digging in somebody else's back by now, but he, at least he's not directly digging into ours, at least we don't think so okay. But, uh, you gotta understand that up under Swibel, Daley, Byrne administration, Swibel's only job was to make sure that the residents who lived in public housing were u--under control, total control. And that way it guaranteed that Daley would continue, get the public housing vote.