Interview with Carl Stokes

In the night of the, the primary election, the night you won the primary, can you talk about that night, can you talk about that, and the feeling, and what you saw when you went outside, and also when you went downtown?


Well, in the downtown area, as, uh, it happens we were, we were near the, the high level bridge. And this is a very wide open business area. And I don't know. There must have been ten thousand, people down there. And as we came outside, they had heard the news. And, and, uh, people were laughing and, and literally dancing in the street and, and hugging one another. And, crying, some of them, from the emotion of the moment. And when I came out they just all closed in on me and, and it was sort of a scary moment, but you just realize that this was an outpouring of love and affection and, and happiness at the moment. It was extraordinary to have a--I often tell people the only just spontaneous demonstration like that I'd seen in my lifetime was when Joe Louis defeated Schmeling in the, the second, in the second fight, and, and the Black community just turned out. Just so happy. Everyone had identified with that struggle between the, the exponent of Hitler's Aryan supremacy and this Black American.