Interview with Carl Stokes

After that second debate and you'd made the statement, how did, how did your staff react the next day when you came back into the campaign headquarters? What happened?


Ah, Dr. C--Clement, who was the campaign manager, and I had discussed, this was not a spontaneous statement. This was, because of several things too extensive to go into here, I had decided I was going to say that that night. Dr. Clement had been opposed to it from the outset. The campaign press secretary, a fellow by the name of Ostro, had believed that it should be said and so Ostro and I, uh, uh, outvoted Clement's decision. It turned out that Clement was right of course, uh, insofar as what the reaction was, not to the, to the, to the accuracy of the statement, but the subsequent media reaction to it vindicated Clement's belief that we should not have, uh, have made the statement.