Interview with Carl Stokes

Okay, do you, do you remember election night? This was the night of the general election, November 7th. Where were you? What, what happened? How, how long did it take before you found out about the victory and then what was the feeling afterwards? Just talk us through that night.


Well, we were at uh, at our suite in the, uh, Cleveland Sheraton Hotel on Public Square and I guess there were probably about, uh, thirty-five people there, uh, some business people, uh, others who, whose work had been done and did, were not in the street to work that day. And, and we watched the evening go by, getting reports not just on television but also reports that were being phoned into us from the precincts. And as we came down through the evening hours after the polls closed at 7:30 and ten o'clock came and he was quite far ahead. And, and eleven o'clock came and Taft was still ahead. And then around midnight we began closing the gap. And, at about 1:30 in the morning was when our information came to us that we were, all of our reports were in and we were just a little bit ahead. And about a half hour later the board of elections announced that all of the precincts were in, had been counted, and I had won by a small margin. It was about two o'clock in the morning. Of course we were all exhilarated and we were, uh, uh, all congratulating Clement and all the different people who had participated in the campaign. And then we went downstairs to an obviously hysterical crowd. And, and, uh, thanked them for their help and, and, uh, inviting them to the inauguration which would be only a week away. Then we were pleasantly surprised by Seth Taft and his wife, Frannie, who arrived at the celebration. Ah, Frannie had a box of roses for Shirley which, uh, uh, I guess that they had had just in the event that the thing went that way. We had a very cordial few moments with them and appreciating Seth for the kind of positive campaign he had run. And, and then I don't just remember the rest of the night just goes into, to a, a blank because we, we were just euphonious[SIC] and I don't know what all we did.