Interview with Carl Stokes

The night of the primary one of the television stations announced that Locher had won the election. Do you remember that night and what was your response, describe the scene to me, where were you, what was your response when you heard it and what did you do?


We were at the, uh, at our headquarters, downtown Cleveland, when, uh, uh, watching the television and I re-recall Hugh Danaceau[SIC] from Channel 5 coming on and projecting that Ralph Locher was going to be the winner. Well, that was about nine o'clock in the evening. And this was during a time that we had paper ballots. The, Hugh Danaceau and I guess the rest of the media did not understand the history of, uh, of, uh, printed ballots in relationship to the Black community because almost never do the, uh, ballots cast by the Black voters arrive at the board of elections early in the evening with the White areas. In addition to which we were carrying at that time a precinct by precinct report to us about what in fact the vote was in that precinct. And we were keeping a running summary. So when we heard Hugh Danaceau it was a source of great amusement to us because we knew that he certainly didn't have the information that we had. And, um, uh, shortly thereafter, hearing the bra- broadcast I just went out and told him that our own projections are that we would win the election by twenty thousand votes which was greeted by the, the media there as that we must, uh, have gone off our bonkers or something because the information available to them was that we were losing badly. Later that night, around one o'clock, in fact, our prediction came true.