Interview with Seth Taft

Briefly, election night. You're rising in the polls. What, what happened? I mean, it was like 4 a.m. before it was decided. How, how did, how did you think it was going?


Well, it was interesting. About, um, two o'clock or maybe two-thirty, uh, my, uh, we were ahead in what had come in so far. And so, uh, the guys were getting me practiced up on an acceptance speech or, or whatever we might call it. Ah, and then somebody came in with a list of what precincts had not reported. And as soon as we saw that it was all over because the precincts that hadn't been reported, uh, at that moment were precincts in the Black community**. And, uh, we knew what the outcome of, in all of those would be so that, uh, uh, as soon, soon as, soon as we saw the precincts that were not in we were reasonably sure that, that Stokes had won.