Interview with Seth Taft

In the context of the time, we're talking about the civil rights era, um, losing to a Black candidate, did that have any particular significance to you?


No. You know, he was a candidate. He was a guy. He won the election. That was it. As far as I personally was concerned I was obviously sorry I didn't win, but, because I, uh, I felt the job'd be a great challenge. And I still do. I think the office of the mayor of Cleveland is a significant job. He's the second most influential person in the state of Ohio politically after the governor. Ah, it's a tremendous opportunity for anyone to make sure government is well done and to be a spokesman for whatever it is that a person believes in. And Carl was a good spokesman for things he believed in. And he, I think he contributed a great deal to the advancement of equal opportunity in the city of Cleveland.


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