Interview with Seth Taft

What kind of campaign had you hoped to run? I mean, who, who did you hope would support you?


Well, I, I hoped that the supporters of Carl Stokes would support me. I was, uh, I'd had, uh, I'd been on the Urban League board. I'd been involved in lots of things in where the Black community was. I'd been the head of fundraising campaigns for settlement houses in the Black community. I, uh, I had a very good reputation. Ah, and, uh, I felt that, uh, since the, the, that Democratic majority, and Locher himself was from Romania. He was a part of that, that nationality group I was describing to you. Ah, I felt that, uh, the Black community would come behind me. So I felt that the combination of republican support plus just sort of general, civic background that I'd been involved in, plus the Black community, was enough to get a majority. And, uh, so frankly I made a, a major effort to get along with Carl all during the primary, and, uh, I'll tell you a little later about a very embarrassing letter I wrote to him that, uh, uh, so that, uh, that was, that was the campaign I expected to run. And I, I thought that was a plausible one that had a good chance of success because Locher, who then in that set of assumptions would be the opposition candidate, was the guy that had all the trouble in City Hall.