Interview with Flint Taylor

Where did you feel left?


The federal grand jury investigated for 3 or 4 months. It heard a lot of evidence. And there was a decision made by the Panthers and the lawyers that the Panthers should not cooperate with the grand jury because of who was heading it up, where it was coming from, being part of the government apparatus. That everybody felt at that time, uh, strongly felt, was behind the raid. Although at that time there was no real evidence to support the, the, the feeling that the federal government and the FBI and the Justice Department was behind it. So, the Panthers didn't cooperate, they didn't testify, uh, it appeared that nonetheless the government's view was to indict some police officers. Ah, in that way to take care of it. There was a very honest FBI ballistics expert who came to the apartment, and who made the conclusion that over ninety shots were fired by the Pan--excuse me, by the police and at most one was fired by the Panthers.