Interview with Flint Taylor

Now I want to focus on December 4, and where you were when you got the news about what had happened at Monroe Street and what you did that day.


Well, um, I was at home in bed. It was, uh, early in the morning and we got a call, probably from Skip. I don't remember now exactly who called, but, Bob Rush had called Skip and said, "The Chairman had been murdered." And it probably was a direct quote. So they, we were gathering together all the people who worked at the office to go down to the apartment. And by some, uh, I guess you could look on it--look at it almost as a miracle in point of history. Ah, the police had left the apartment open. They were afraid, uh, of what the community would do if in fact they knew what they had done in that apartment. And they were also very arrogant. I think they thought they could do whatever they wanted to, and get away with it as far as public opinion went. So, they didn't seal the apartment. They, they, they grabbed whatever evidence they thought they could use, and they ran back to the State's Attorney's Office, and had a press conference to talk about how the vicious Panthers had attacked them, and how they'd had to kill the Chairman in this, in this real dog fight or, uh, shoot-out. But the miracle in a sense was that they left it open so that we could go there. And, we went there. We all mobilized there early in the morning, and we went into the apartment. And we had the presence of mind, I didn't but the people who organized it with me did, uh, to get a cameraman down there. To get someone with a 16 mm camera, who in fact has made some of the footage, uh, made, made the wonderful movie, "The Murder of Fred Hampton" from some of the footage that he took that day. And we started to take the evidence. And we started to take every--we didn't know what significance what had. So we took everything. We took every bullet and there was every shell, and there were shells all over the place. There was, uh, you've got to picture this apartment, it's, it's--