Interview with Flint Taylor

Why don't you start and talk about walking in, and describe for me what you saw.


Well, when I walked in, it was, it's this tiny little ghetto apartment. Probably the entire apartment could be put in the front room of a lot of houses. And when I walked in, uh, there was blood, there was, it was like a Swiss cheese type of effect, because they had ripped the apartment open with these, uh, sub-machine gun and automatic weapons. So the walls were stitched with bullet holes. So when you first came in, you saw this one wall, uh, which is the back living room wall there, uh, and it had all these bullet holes along it. And as you went into the apartment, and you went towards the back, then you saw, there was this door. There was this door laying, in, in the, uh, little hallway. Ah, I think they had it up to, to stop rats or something. It--and, uh, the back bedroom of course was Chairman Fred's and Deborah's. And so this was, door was right out in front of that bedroom. And at some point, I think Skip picked up that door, and there was blood all underneath it. And that is where the Chairman died. And that's where they had dragged him out to after they killed him in the room. So there was blood all over the place and there was paint all over the floor, too, because there were some paint cans. And when they shot the place up, they also punctured all, all the, all the paint cans. And, a lot of it is a blur in my mind now. There are just, you know, it was so intense what was happening, what we were doing. Ah, there was, uh, people had gone to, to talk to the Panthers in jail, because they had taken the ones who had survived to jail. And one of them had said, "Bobby Rush is next. They're going to come back to the apartment." Rush had been, uh, not there that night. So they hadn't gotten him. Um, so we were working with one eye over our shoulder, thinking the police were going to come back and, uh, get us some kind of way. On the other hand we had developed what I can only picture as some kind of, uh, underground railroad type of thing in taking the evidence. We had gotten in touch with, uh, some sympathetic ministers. And they had set up this secret place in the attic of somebody's apartment, I think maybe his own apartment.