Interview with Flint Taylor

Can you recall now how you organized after learning that Fred had been murdered. And what you went down to that apartment to do. What happened?


Well, as I was saying, um, we were collecting the evidence and just the, the emotional effect of being in there, and what had happened, and, uh, what could happen to us, actually, uh, or what we thought could happen, was just something that really was, was, I think about it more now than than. I mean, it was something that we were doing then, under that kind of pressure. Um, and, uh, but you got into kind of a groove of doing it, and, uh, I remember at one point the, uh, I had stepped in some liquid on my shoe. And, uh, there was two possibilities. It could be paint, or it could be blood. And, uh, I remember looking and being somewhat relieved that in fact it was blood rather than paint, because it wouldn't, and I don't know why, but that sticks in my mind. It just kind of sh--makes me, uh, realize what kind of pressure was down there. But what really snapped me back to what we were doing at one point was we went into the bedroom when we were taking evidence in the bedroom where Fred was murdered, and, uh, we went under the bed, and we found a high heel. And the high heel was full of blood. And in the blood was a bullet. So we took it out, and there was a high-heeled shoe c--full of coagulated blood, with a bullet sitting in the middle.