Interview with Flint Taylor

Are there other recollections you might have of the apartment that morning?


Well, there were two other very significant pieces of evidence that we had to deal with. One was the bed on which Fred was murdered. And of course Hanrahan had a story that he was up and firing away at, uh, at the police in the back part of the apartment. Well, the bed, uh, that he was sleeping on had blood all over it. At the head, and at other places, so obviously that totally disproved the theory that Fred was up, about and firing away, but rather that he was murdered in his bed, which was what our people said. So we took the mattress, and we hid it. And we brought it back every day, so that people who came through the apartment could see it on the tours. So that it could be shown, and, and people could be shown the bed on which Fred was murdered, and here's how it proves that he's lying about Fred being involved in this serious shoot-out. The other thing was the door, because the front door panel, they claimed that only one shot--that the Panthers had fired a shot through the door. But as we got there, we saw that there were two bullet holes in the door. So we took the panel out of the door, took pictures, so that it proved that the panel, that was the panel out of the door, and then took that to have it tested. To have, to have the, the, the door tested by a ballistics expert, uh, in order to determine who fired those shots, and what direction they were going. So those were two very important pieces of evidence that we dealt with. And the tours were amazing in themselves. Because here we are, and we'd spent a better part of a week, I think that the police waited until the 17th of December to actually seal that apartment. So it was open for almost two weeks. And we spent a better part of those two weeks getting that evidence out of there. And the Panthers spent a better part of two weeks taking people who wanted to see the place through there. And so we would be talking to people when they went through, and so while we were working, there'd be people walking through constantly. And I'll never forget, I don't know what day it was or what, but I just remember some older Black woman coming through there, shaking her head and going, "It's nothing but a Northern lynching."** And that really stuck in my mind, and, uh, that just really kind of put it in perspective of what really went on in, in that apartment. Um--