Interview with Maggie Thomas

Tell me about when you went to dinner with the mayor.


Okay. It was--I believe it was on a Thursday afternoon. He had one of h--his chauffeurs to pick, pick us up. So it was myself, Jacquelyn and James, my two younger children. So I took a friend along with me, was named Marcus. He had that, he's their age, Marcus Thomas. And first we went to Peachtree Plaza to have dinner with Patricia Harris, the secretary. But I believe she's dead now. So we had dinner there and after that we went to a restaurant called Ichiban on Harleston Street. Okay. I've, I hadn't ever seen anything like this before. The p--the person what prepared the food, he prepared it right in front of our eyes. Ah, his stove was our table. What he's preparing the food on. And, um, I'd never seen nobody prepare food like that. We had zucchini, t-bone steaks, mushroom, and just rice, hot wine and fortune cookies. Just everything we wanted to eat. And, uh, we had to eat with chopsticks because I believe this was a Chinese restaurant. So it was just amazing how this man prepared this food. Okay. He would throw these things up that he had to peel and partially peel them while they was in the air. He had this sharp knife just, like a potato, he'd kinda throw it up and then he'd peel it while it was coming down outta the air. It was really amazing how he prepared that food, and it was really good. We also had shrimps too. And he prepared it right there in front of our eyes. And when he got through he fixed our plate in the stove that he prepared it on, it was our table. But it was just amazing. I had never seen anything like that before. So we just had a fun time there trying to eat with those chopsticks. Maynard Jackson, he, he didn't try and eat with them but the children did because it was really fun to them. So we just had a good time that particular night out to lunch, so. Children, of course, they couldn't eat all that food. But Maynard Jackson ate all of his. And at that time he was on a diet, too. He didn't eat but once a day. But when he ate he really ate.