Interview with Maggie Thomas

Now, what did you serve the mayor to eat?


You mean the first day? I think we had, uh, the first day we had for breakfast, that was on a Saturday morning, I believe it was bacon and eggs. I'm not sure. But I know the second day we had salmon croquettes and biscuits. And my, my sister came to you know, help me out because I'm not that good a cook. She's a very good cook. And, um, she came to help me out so people in the neighborhood was crying, "Mrs. Thomas had a maid since the mayor came." So, that was just my sister you know, there to help me out. It wasn't a maid, it was my sister. But I, I know that we had salmon croquettes on Sunday morning and biscuits and grits for breakfast. Now, Friday afternoon, I served him you know, lunch, too, that Friday afternoon. I think we had fried chicken, Black eyed peas, candy yams and I believe collard greens. Uh huh, and cornbread.