Interview with Maggie Thomas

Now you went to church on Sunday.


Sure we did. We went to church that Sunday. He went with me. And, um, we had a very good time. Okay. My, my pastor offered him to sit up in the pulpit but he said he'd rather sit in the audience, you know. So he sat down in the audience, with me, so he brought me on, brought us on back home. We was riding in a limousine. And, um, when we got back home we had dinner, uh huh, because my sister had prepared dinner, you know, for us and we had dinner. And a lot of people was there at the steps. I don't know what nationality of people these were but they was there at the steps, you know, asking him to help them in some kind of way. You know, get some housing or food or something. But he got on the phone and h--immediately I think he got some help for these people. I don't know whether they were, Haitians I believe they were. It was pe--some people of a different nationality.