Interview with Maggie Thomas

Can you tell me about conditions in Bankhead Courts before and after the mayor came?


Okay. The condition in Bankhead Court at that time, we was having lots of problems with the rodents. That such as ra--mice, rats and, and roaches. And the sewage problem was bad. So that, I think, I'm sure that's why he came out. To, um, live in those conditions you know, for a short while to really see how they were. And while he was out there he really found out that we was having those particular problems. And, um, another thing that he found out, that they had false vents up to the wall where the heat, we was having heating problem too. Where the heat supposed to be coming out but it was no hole back there for the heat to come through. So he just found out that it was just some false vent up against the wall. But, uh, after he and Arthur Langford I know the two of them found these things out because we went and seen it. And uh, After he came and left things got better for a while. It really did. I mean the, the rats, the big ol' rats that would be around the dumpster, uh, we had stopped seeing them because the housing authority was--I, I don't know what kind of system they had, but it was something they would stick in the ground. It was some kind of sound system that would cause the rats to come to the top of the ground. And they would kill them like that. Uh huh.