Interview with Dolores Torres

OK, let's talk about the march across the Brooklyn Bridge. It began at City Hall and then went to 110 Livingston and then into Ocean Hill-Brownsville. Just talk us through from the beginning and then into Ocean Hill-Brownsville.


Well, as we were going across the bridge, there was a lot of people yelling "Black Power, Black Power, Power to the People." ** I don't necessarily care for the, the slogan that they had, "Black Power". I w—the "Power to the People" I liked because I think that what we were going through, any poor neighborhood, regardless of the ethnic makeup, was going through the same thing. ** Poor neighborhoods get teachers that maybe aren't too qualified. They get principals that maybe have been demoted and demoted for fifty million times. So I liked "Power to the People". People really needed to have some, some power. And we really needed as, as a school board to have power. ** because without it who was going to run the schools? We definitely—we'd be figureheads, you know, for the unions or for the Board of Education. So power to the people is what I really liked.