Interview with Dolores Torres

OK, what was the plan, in '67 in Ocean Hill-Brownsville. Could you talk about, you know, the eight schools? What was the plan of organization for people that you knew?


The plan was to get people, that lived in the neighborhood, that had children in the school, so they could properly represent the people and especially the children in that neighborhood. Also we felt that we were getting the short end of the stick as far as teachers were concerned, and as principals were concerned. We felt that there were people in our schools that didn't need to be in our schools. We had, ah, CRD classes where we found this, ah, I forget the exact interpretation of that, but it was a class were children are supposed to be slow, or hyperactive, or manageable. And they were given the drug Ritalin. And these were things that we were finding out and investigating, going from school to school. We found out most of these children didn't need this.