Interview with Dolores Torres

OK, once again, what were you most hopeful about? What was it, in your own children, you know, what did you see, what changes did you see in them that year of, of the experiment?


I saw more learning and I saw more discipline. Their grades had come up. It wasn't only due to what the teachers were teaching. It was due to the teachers teaching the way that they did. It was due to the teachers saying, ah, "If you're going to disrupt this class I'm going to be at your house tonight." Children don't like that. When these children saw these teachers willing to come into this community they knew they weren't going to get away with anything. And as I said, there were new programs implemented, and these teachers carried them out. Before, we couldn't go to the classroom and say "Well, here's a program. Maybe the kids can learn this way. Teach them this." Oh, no. Teachers wouldn't do anything like that. But this way we could say, "OK, this is your assignment. This is what you're going to try teaching. This is the way you're going to try teaching now. This may be the way that we can reach these children." And these wishes were carried out. And a lot of these programs were working.