Interview with Dolores Torres

OK, more important question: how did you feel when this experiment was dismantled? When things began to fall apart, when the school board came in. How did you feel, because you had made a great personal investment in this?


Well, I felt bad in a way. I knew a lot of the teachers that were, they were going to continue doing what they were doing, which was teaching our children and really caring about them. I felt that we had achieved--the greatest thing I felt that we, we had really achieved was that we had gotten more parent involvement. We had, ah, helped strengthen PTAs. And they in turn, ah, helped write up new programs for the kids in the schools. The kids did get new programs and there was learning going on. You have to remember, at the beginning there was very, very few, ah, ah, people that were participating because nobody was listened to. The parents weren't listened to. But that second election of District 23, that local school board, they had all the machinery, the politicians put all their machinery behind them. We didn't have the money.