Interview with Albert Turner


Albert Turner:

Okay. Yeah. Uh, Jimmy, Jimmy Jackson was not any special case uh… they had planned to kill somebody anyway. And uh, they was lookin', they they, you know, whoever got in the way, they, they planned to kill a black person to frighten the rest of us, or stop the movement. It so happened that Jimmy was the person who did get shot. He, he was a… I guess gave him more excuse to be killed than anybody else. He, he tried to carry his father to the doctor after they had insisted that he not come out of the building. He continually wanted to go and take his father to the doctor. So they had somewhat of a confrontation between them. Uh, they shot him. Uh, many other people was brutally beaten that night and several people was left for dead and they played dead to keep from being killed. Uh, but it was a miserable night, uh, Valeriana's head was burst, all the lights were shot out in town. Uh, and black people anywhere that night, they met black people, they beat 'em. People coming from work and anywhere else, they were simply beaten up that night. If you were black you got beat. Uh, it was probably the worst thing that I've been in out of all the civil rights uh things that I have been in, including Selma March Bridge thing. Uh, it wasn't as bad uh, physical as uh, I would say that night.