Interview with Tom Turnipseed

In a typical Wallace rally what would happen?


Well, usually we had a lot of entertainment from Nashville. We had, uh, uh, country-western music, uh, Governor Wallace always liked to think that, you know, Southerners that moved up North were kind of a core group he had. Like in Detroit, you know, moving up and working in the automobile industry, et cetera. I remember a rally we had at Cobalt Hall, and, uh, we had a country singer sing this big hit song at the time about Detroit City. "Last night I took a drink in Detroit City..." It's the plight of the, the working man that goes up North to get a job, and the crowd, there was a riot that night too. Ah, between anti-Wallace, pro-Wallace supporters. But, the, the rallies went generally, singers, we'd have, uh, bands and songs, and u--usually some headline star that would be advertised, you know, in the media previously. And just to come hear George Wallace in Cobalt Hall and, and hear Jeannie C. Riley and Kitty Wells, whoever, was a singer. We had a lot of them. I remember Jerry Lee Lewis, uh, we always worried whether or not he was going to tear up the piano. If he didn't like the piano, he'd just kick it and tear it up, you know, but--