Interview with Tom Turnipseed

And then what would happen after--


Well, they would, then, uh, we'd had it to always pass the collection plate around. This was almost like a, in a way, uh, a semblance of a religious thing almost, a sud--certain fervor about it. People get all exited and, we'd always pass a hat, you know, and take up money from the audience too, you know, for the campaign. And Wallace would, would make a speech, and, uh, they would always be very, very loudly received and so forth. And, uh, and like I say, uh, in answer to the previous question, we would get pictures of the crowd, and he would like to show people the pictures of those crowds, I think it kind of, eh, he emotionally got a, a charge out of the big crowds and the reaction of the crowds to what he was saying, like politicians do.