Interview with Tom Turnipseed

Early on, we have to stay with '68, what was his strategy in terms of deadlocking everything? That he, that--


Oh sure. Oh yeah, that's, I'm, I'm sorry, that--one of the big tactics of Governor Wallace, and he expressed it among, to us and he did it in his talks, he's very open with, with his, uh, what he wanted to do, was that, uh, the whole electoral college that we have in this country is kind of an anachronistic situation where each state has so many electoral votes. And then if you don't get a majority of the electoral votes, the election goes to the U.S. House of Representatives. And that had been the dream and the hope of the, the Southern conservatives and, and the Southern racist situation since 1948 with the old States Rights party that Strom Thurmond and Fielding Wright was his running mate from Mississippi, is to tie up the electoral college with a third force, you don't have a majority in the electoral college, the election goes in the House of Representatives, that gives you more bargaining power for what you believed in. And that, that was openly expressed, uh, and not just with his aides, but I mean he, he talked about it in, uh, in news interviews, and, and maybe some of his speeches too, as I recollect.