Interview with Tom Turnipseed

Tom, going back into '66, '67, when you first got involved with George Wallace, you were telling me that you really believed. When you saw George Wallace back then, what did you believe in?


Well, I was an unreconstructed Southerner, born in Mobile, Alabama, and to just put it to you succinctly, in our fourth, I never will forget our little fourth grade, uh, book about Alabama history. It, it showed a chapter about slavery, and it had pictures of little Black children dancing and singing, and it said, "The slaves were very happy, the children danced and sang all day." And then their parents would dance and sing at night, and so forth. And that's the kind of culture I was brought up in. But, George Wallace was a defender of all this, for an average person of the South at the time. And that's the way I looked at him as a leader at that time.