Interview with Tom Turnipseed

You were telling me that, you know, as this campaign started, or even before hand, Wallace was spreading out and talking to a lot of people up North, getting really large crowds. How was he reacting to these crowds, and what would he tell you about it?


Well, he liked the crowds. In fact, Governor Wallace would show crowds in the Northern cities, we would always book him into some large auditorium or coliseum, and we'd get a big turnout, particularly after the riots occurred in, in early in '68, and, uh, he liked the crowds a lot. The crowds were kind of frightening in a lot of ways, though. They, uh, like I say, it was in a context of a lot of civil unrest, and, and the crowds were really racially inspired. They were, they were racist. And, uh, but anyway they turned out, in just droves and all, and I think it, it kind of had, uh, the political establishment of the country very concerned at the time, because of the turnout.