Interview with Cyrus Vance

If you could give me just a little more insight as somebody who was in Detroit '67, what was it like being in charge there?


Well, I felt that it was an awesome responsibility that the President had given me to go out there and to try and bring the riots under control and to stop the, the blood shed and violence that was taking place. I had a small but very good team of individuals with me, with, ah, my deputy being Warren Christopher, who subsequently became my deputy when I was Secretary of State, a man in whom I have great confidence. I had great confidence in General Throckmorton who was leading the troops. And therefore I was confident that if we had to federalize the, ah, the national guard and put in our troops that we could control the situation. But it was a new situation basically for all of us. So that we had to ah, ah, improvise from time to time and you had to try and, when you got in there, originally pull all the pieces together which were disparate with lack of proper communications between the police and the state police, between the national guard and the, ah, state and, ah, local city officials. Ah, there was inadequate, ah, collecting of data which was necessary in order to manage it properly. There was inadequate, ah, ah, communications with the public.


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