Interview with Cyrus Vance

So what did you decide in regard to federal troops at that time?


At that time, after listening to the, ah, federal officials and after having a conference with the community officials and hearing a split view among the, ah, community leaders, on the one hand, Charlie Diggs, one of the congressmen from Detroit, was very much in favor of committing troops. On the other hand, John Conyers was very much against it and said if we committed the federal troops it would merely exacerbate the situation. So, after hearing that, and then caucusing with, ah, General Throckmorton, ah, who was commanding the federal troops, he and I decided that, ah, there was insufficient, ah, ah, indications at that point for committing the, to lead us to commit the federal troops or to so recommend to the President. So we concluded at that time that we would continue to monitor the situation and would not commit the federal troops.