Interview with Cyrus Vance

And what specifically led to the decision to change that?


Well, as we got into the evening I was monitoring, along with General Throckmorton and my staff, the incident rates of what was happening in terms of new fires, ah, new lootings, shootings and all of those kind of things. And as we got further into the evening and approached midnight, ah, we found that the incident rates was sharply moving up at that point. I concluded after talking to the Governor, to the National Guard people and, ah, others in the city, that indeed, the, ah, local forces were insufficient to contain the matter and therefore I concluded we would have to commit the federal forces. And we got a request from, ah, the Governor that we do so and on that basis I recommended to the President, about 11:00 that night, that he authorize me to go forward with that and that he sign the proclamation which was necessary in order to put the federalization into affect. He did that and, ah, from that moment on, ah, we moved the federal troops in and, ah, they took over and we na--we federalized the National Guard.