Interview with Judy Varley

Tell me how you felt about returning to Greenwood.


Since Greenwood, Mississippi was my base of operations in 1964, I was real excited. I knew that I would see people that I knew there, people that I had grown to really like. And the marches that I had been on before had been filled with a tension, but a very positive excitement. And there was a strong sense of solidarity. You're all in this together. That was not present when I arrived in Greenwood this time, unfortunately. There seemed to be two camps, to some extent, the people, the people that I knew were not at all cordial, in fact, didn't even choose to recognize me in a couple of instances. However, I did break out of the line of march and run off to a side street the next day to see the lady with whom I had stayed, boarded, while I was in Mississippi, and she welcomed me with open arms just because she's a very warm, loving lady, and we had a great relationship, but she told me that things had changed a great deal in the two years I had been gone.