Interview with Ed Vaughn

Tell me about all the supposed progress in 1967, what it meant to the Black community.


Well, in 1967, the Cavanagh administration, and of course we had put him in office because we were definitely opposed to the Miriani regime that had gone before Cavanagh, and so Cavanagh was elected mainly by Blacks, and of course we felt that he was not moving fast enough. He had very few Black appointees, and most of the federal money that was coming into town was being used for urban renewal, which we termed "Negro removal". Urban renewal means Negro removal. And of course they were trying to bring more upscale Whites into our former Black communities, and of course Blacks were being moved out, they built the expressways which tore open the Black communities, split them up very seriously, they built the Chrysler Freeway, which tore up a very, very strong and important Black community. It used to be Hastings, and then it became the Chrysler Freeway. And all of these things really divided these Black communities. And so we did not see anything coming from the Cavanagh administration of, of any magnitude that would bring about some fundamental change. So, we decided that we would take that effort for change to a, to a higher plain, and of course that meant being a bit more vocal, to demonstrate, to do all kind of, of activities that were designed to bring the administration around to understanding our real needs.



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