Interview with Ed Vaughn

Ed, in '63, Malcolm was, came to Chicago and spoke - now give me a sense of what was happening in the community around the time Malcolm came and spoke, what you were doing in the community, what people were doing in the community.


Well, in 1963 when Malcolm came to Detroit, we were just beginning to organize a community--a few of the sisters were wearing naturals, Mrs. Mitchell was one I remember, and there were a few others that were wearing naturals, and of course that was quite phenomenal in the community and people were, just kind of looked at us. And we were basically politically organizing where we could. The Cleages had a newspaper called The Illustrated News, Henry Cleage and his brother; Albert B. Cleage and Richard Henry and Milton Henry were also involved with The Illustrated News. I was working at the post office at the time and my good friend Kwame Atta, who, who was also working with me, we were also working with GOAL, Group on Advanced Leadership, and we were trying to mobilize the community. It was a difficult task but people were beginning to come around, people were asking questions, people wanted to hear any speaker that came to town, and they certainly wanted to hear this fiery young Muslim Minister, Malcolm X Shabazz.