Interview with Ed Vaughn

So, and what kind of people were out there on the streets doing looting?


Well, during the riots, or the rebellion, there were many people on the streets looting, and at night there were people who were going out doing more revolutionary type activities. These people were community people, they were people who lived in the neighborhoods, they were not members of our organization by-and-large, or the organizations that were, were a part of the revolutionary movement. These were just spontaneous movements on the part of the people in the community. I met a group of brothers who lived on Linwood near, near Davison, and they, they told me that every night they went out, and, with their guns, and they shot at police and National Guardsmen, and they would drive back, you know, you cut all the lights off, and they thought it was quite exciting what they were doing and they felt that they were doing something to help the people, but in terms of Black consciousness, they had very little of that.