Interview with Ed Vaughn

OK, so tell me who was out there looting and why they were out there.


Well, during the riots, the, the people who were looting or taking, the people who were in the streets, the people who were, were making the rebellion, by-and-large, were people who lived in the community, just average people. I came across a group of brothers, for example, who said they were just fed up and that they did not want to live like they had lived before and every night they went out and, with their guns, and they shot at police, shot at National Guardsmen, and of course went, went back into their homes. They cut their lights off, and they did this on a nightly basis during the curfew. Most of the people were just community people who just had a, a sense that they were fed up with everything and they decided that they would strike out and that was the way that they struck out, that was the way that they would, would strike back at the, the power structure.


Fine, that's quite good.