Interview with Ed Vaughn

What was it like that next day? Were-- Well, the next day, the next th--the first thing that I did was go straight to the book store. When I left home that morning I went to my book store because I thought maybe that the police or someone had done something to the store. I had no fear of the people bothering anything, although we knew that they had been looting all up and down Dexter Avenue. The first thing that I saw at Vaughn's book store was revolutionary slogans written all across my windows, no one had touched anything, and I--


The next day I went to the book store and I, I knew, I just felt that nothing would be wrong with my store, at least from the people, and of course I was correct. And there were revolutionary slogans written all across the windows, "Long live the Black revolution," and "As-Salaam Alaykum," and those kind of terms were written on the windows of the building. There were four units and my store was one of those units, and there were revolutionary, -nary slogans all across there. So it was something that was, you know, good for me. I, I, I, I enjoyed seeing that, and of course I went in and it was business as usual in the book store, even a little more, people began to come in because everyone was trying to compare notes and to try to find out what was going to happen next.